A Simple and Straight Description about Choices Stories You Play

Well, here in the post you are going to introduce with the best and all relevant information about Choices Stories You Play. It is the game which is created by Pixelberry and its size is almost 76 MB. The same game comes under the category of simulation based game and it is for both IOS and Android users. In the same game, players have to complete more numbers of stories as to far in Choices Stories You Play.

The more and more stories they complete the more currency they earn and on more high level you move. Not only is this, players have to create their character in the game by using the character customization option. They have to make their character more unique and beautiful among all others. Also in the same game there are some events added to it after every week which players have to take participate in and then accomplish them on time properly.

What about in-game currency?

Well, in-game currency in Choices Stories You Play plays really a big role. Players have to perform all tasks and activities properly as to earn a huge amount of in-game currency properly. Also they have to complete more events, challenges and objectives in Choices Stories You Play by which they simply grab large amount of in-game currency with rewards.

Now, one should know that in what types the currency is available in Choices Stories You Play. Some of the main types of in-game currency which are present in the game are as follows:

  • Keys – it is the most usable type of in-game currency in Choices Stories You Play. Players have to earn them by completing more and more stories. Also the currency is used when players have to unlock new and different stories in the game.
  • Diamonds – Another type of in-game currency in the game is diamonds. These are a little bit hard to earn as compared to the keys. Players should make wise use of these diamonds or in other words, they have to use diamonds wisely.

These are the two main types of in-game currency which are available in Choices Stories You Play. There are many other methods also present by which players easily earn these two types easily, example with choices cheats. Also, they have to ensure that they are playing the game in an appropriate manner.

Learn how to deal with the game?

When players start the game for the first time, then they have to choose the best and most popular story in it. It is because if you choose the best story, then it easily helps you playing the game properly. Not only is this, player also have to complete that story properly and on time and after that move on to the next story to make a perfect deal with Choices Stories You Play.

As mentioned above that in Choices Stories You Play players have to pay more attention on earning process of diamonds and keys, so you need to remember the same thing as well as paying good attention on the gameplay.

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