Boxing Star Tips And Tricks That You Need To Know!

Boxing star is one of the popular mobile battle games where user needs to fight with different boxing stars. The game is available on both iOS as well as Android platforms for free. Lots of exciting tasks, missions, functions, 3D graphics are added in the game to offer a real fight look for players.

You don’t need to pay any cent for playing or downloading the game, but some features come under in-app purchases. In the pose, we are going to mention some tips and tricks to Boxing Star, like Boxing Star cheats, helps to progress faster like no one another can.


One of the best ways to avoid attack or to win is a dodge. Also, it helps you to hit the opponent without getting caught in return. That helps you to reduce the rival energy and take advantage of the moment. Players can get three defensive moves such as dodge, block, and clinch. Paying attention to the fight helps you to take more advantage without getting stressed.

Keep your stamina up

Below the health bar, you are going to see a stamina meter. When players attacks get blocked or dodged, they will lose some bit stamina. Losing stamina means making low damage or attacks. The more your stamina is, the higher the damage you can cause.

Mix up the combo

Using different kinds of attacks while fighting with a boxing star increase the chances of winning. Try to use different strategies or attacks while making attacks.

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